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East Africa’s best premier tours and safaris partner, for best of Kenya Safari Holidays and day trips in Nairobi, Tanzania Safaris and Uganda Safaris. With us, you experience the great Masai Mara, Serengeti, short trips and excursions in Nairobi and Mombasa, Lake Nakuru and Manyara, Mt.kenya and Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro and other game parks and reserves.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of a rewarding summit at Mt. Kenya, an exciting animal immersion on safari, relaxing at the beach at the Coast, or experiencing the warmth of the local community through one of our cultural excursions, we can guide you on an adventure you will never forget.

We offer you a lifetime experience that will leave you with nothing but the best memories, an almost impossibly all-inclusive African safari. Here are just the beginnings of  our Kenya Safari Experiences, providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania spectacular scenery and the hidden treasures!

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Outer World Tours and Safaris offers budget safari, mid–range and luxury safaris. We offer group joining safaris and private safaris, Kenya Safari Holidays, Safari in Kenya, Kenya safari which covers from short – day trips to couple of days trips which will depend on our customers preference. Traveling with us while on your holiday enables you to experience the best tour and safaris ever from visiting the plains, lakes, mountains and other scenic features.

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  • Our team is very knowledgeable with East African Safari destinations. For that reason we are able to cater to diverse interests and stay upto date with the latest developments in the region.
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Ultimate Hiking Experience

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Africa offers endless opportunities for highland trekking and mountain climbing, from gentle hill walks in the Drakensburg heights of South Africa to trekking on the slopes of Mount Kenya, or total endurance trials, climbing the world famous grandfather of them all, Mount Kilimanjaro, the glacier-capped “Shining Mountain” which rises from the clouds, 5895 meters above the rolling plains of northern Tanzania.

It is the highest stand-alone mountain in the world and must not be underestimated. Although there are a number of trails up the mountain, representing different levels of ability and endurance, it is a grueling undertaking, and can pose a very real risk to life.

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain, like Kilimanjaro, it is an extinct volcano. It is almost 700 meters short of Kili, and can be used as an acclimatizing introduction before going on the tackle of the real giant. But it poses challenges of its own. Only one of its three peaks is accessible without real mountain climbing skills and specialist climbing guides.


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